Stretch your term by six months
Make Your Money Stretch
Extend Your Auto Loan Term by Six Months without a Rate Increase*

We all know the benefits of stretching our bodies: improve performance, lower injury risk, increase daily activities and more. It's no different when you stretch your money! With our special auto loan offer, you'll be able to improve your budget performance, lower your risk of damaging your budget, increase what you can do with your budget and more.

Enjoy a free six-month loan term extension
when you finance a vehicle with us or bring us your vehicle loan from another lender!*

And don't forget to ask us about our low-cost protection products, like:

  • Credit life and disability insurance
  • GAP coverage
  • Extended warranty

Stretch your auto loan term today and apply!

*Offer valid 1/3/23-3/31/23, and subject to change without notice. Member must have a qualifying bureau score minimum of 600 (if joint application, both scores must be 600+). Minimum term of 36 months and maximum term of 72 months (or 78 months with extended term). Contact AECU for complete details.