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Classroom Cash Loans

We've said it before, but we'll say it again: Educators rock!

Teachers have been some of the most dedicated and resourceful people around. But today? WOW! Teachers and administrators have risen to the challenge and demonstrated even more commitment and creativity than ever before.

We also know that educators have always reached into their own pockets to cover many classroom costs, but you might be tapped out right now. That's why we're proud to support you by offering Classroom Cash Loans. We're also extending these loans to parents who are serving as educators in today's topsy-turvy world. You can borrow up to $500 for 10 months at 8.0% APR for in-class or virtual teaching needs.*

Here are some ways the money can help:

  • Software or online subscriptions
  • Hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies
  • Technology such as laptops
  • Plexiglass safety barriers
  • PPE for yourself, aids and students

We know you want the best for your students. And we want the best for YOU!

Give us a call at (573) 445-1845 to learn more and apply.

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Member eligibility and creditworthiness apply. Teachers must provide a copy of their current contract and repay the loan through payroll deduction or autopay. Contact the credit union for complete details.