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Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Manage your money without extra time or hassle! Contact us if you need assistance enrolling in either of these convenient services.

Direct Deposit
Receive your paycheck, government check or other recurring payments without delay and without making a special trip to the credit union or ATM. With direct deposit, you can move funds directly to your Academic Employees Credit Union accounts free of charge. All you need is your account number and our routing number: 281580381.

Payroll Deduction
Make loan payments or savings deposits without a second thought! Payroll deduction automatically sends a specified portion of your regular pay wherever you choose. It’s quick, convenient and absolutely free!

Columbia Public School employees can sign up for payroll deduction at the credit union. All other members should contact their payroll department to arrange for this service. If your employer does not offer payroll deduction, the credit union can help with other options.