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Loan Protection

Financing from Academic Employees Credit Union helps you reach your goals, and we want to help you protect those interests. With loan protection services, you can be sure that your investments are covered and your finances are secure.

Credit Life & Disability Insurance
The credit union offers Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance with many of our loan options. Credit Life Insurance will pay your remaining credit union loan debt in the event of your death, thus avoiding any financial burdens for your beneficiaries. Credit Disability Insurance makes a portion or all of your credit union loan payments in the event you are unable to work due to a disability. A 30-day waiting period applies to Credit Disability Insurance, and pre-existing conditions are not covered.

GAP Coverage
If your vehicle is declared a total loss due to collision or theft, you still have to pay the difference, or the “gap,” between the insurance settlement and your loan balance. Guaranteed Asset Protection is low-cost coverage that can pay the potentially high-cost difference. Ask about it when you apply for your next auto loan!

Extended Warranties
We've all heard stories about vehicles breaking down right after the automaker warranty expires, which is why Academic Employees Credit Union has partnered with Mercury Mechanical Breakdown Protection to offer affordable extended automobile service warranties on new and used vehicles! Not only will you receive great rates and credit union service, but your car will be covered in the event of major mechanical expenses. There is a warranty coverage plan available for any vehicle 15 years old or newer. Mechanical Protection serves as an extended warranty that takes care of certain repair costs when your ride breaks down - helping you avoid time-consuming and expensive car trouble.

  • You don't have to have your loan with the credit union.
  • You don't have to have a loan on your car.
  • Plans often cost less than other 'extended warranties.'

Contact us for complete details on any of these loan protection options.